Saturday, April 25, 2009

Photography Rates

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I would like to say that there is no job too big or too small...but that's probably a bit of a lie.  What I will say is that I have shot many weddings for people with small budgets and I am willing to work something out with you that is reasonable.  
My usual wedding rates are as follows:

Full day - 6+hrs. - $850.00
This rate includes me being there prior to the wedding to photograph the bride getting ready, take some formal shots of the bridal party, and stay through the ceremony and reception.  We can be as formal or informal as you want to, but I will definitely take all of the "money shots" throughout the day.

Half Day - 4 hrs. - $550.00
You pick the prime hours you want me to be there for.  I will still take formal shots and candids, but maybe you don't need me there an hour before the wedding to take pictures of the bride getting ready and you really just need pics of the wedding and a couple of hours at the reception.  I leave somewhere between Uncle Ernie getting drunk and making an embarrassment of himself (again) and the end of the reception.  You will have all of the prime shots - cutting the cake, first dance, etc.

The In Between Rate - 4-6hrs. - $700.00
4 hours is cutting it a bit close, but you don't need me there for the entire day.  This is the rate for you.  Maybe I show up a little bit before the wedding to get some quick snaps of everyone getting ready, and we do the entire ceremony and reception so we can get that great shot of you and your new spouse getting in the car to leave.

*All rates include a disk of all of the images made at the end of the reception  - I do not print out photos and give them to you piecemeal or in some kind of package on top of my rate.  I charge you a flat rate for my time and let you sort out where and how many images you want printed.  I can also recommend a few places to get photos printed if you need me to.

I also shoot art portfolios at my studio or yours!

Those rates:
For 10 images of 2-D work 3ft x 3ft or smaller: $100.00
For 20 images of 2-D work 3ft x 3ft or smaller: $150.00
For 10 images of 2-D work 3ft - 6ft (in any direction) x 3ft - 6ft: $150.00
For 20 images of 2-D work 3ft - 6ft (in any direction) x 3ft - 6ft: $200.00
For 10 images of 3-D work 3ft x 3ft or smaller: $125.00*
For 20 images of 3-D work 3ft x 3ft or smaller: $150.00*

All of the above rates for shooting portfolios also include some light editing and cropping in photoshop.  I will transfer your images onto either a CD for your keeping or a jump drive that you provide.

At this time I cannot adequately light 3-D work that is much larger than 3ft x 3ft (although I am always willing to try and will not charge you if I fail.)

* If your 3-D work is either metal or glass, there will be an extra $15 fee assessed due to the more complicated nature of lighting those items properly.

If you have any questions please let me know!  I have also done engagement portraits which will be posted in the near future and have shot special birthday and anniversary parties.

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